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Author: Will Smith

Narrator: Will Smith

Started: Dec. 3, 2021

Finished: Dec. 11, 2021

Will Smith is a global phenomenon. We know him from "Parents Just Don't Understand" through "Independence Day" but not many know his full backstory. Having grown up in West Philadelphia, Will was taught that he could be anything he wanted as long as he worked hard and put his mind to it.

Will details his first rap song and the way he met DJ Jazzy Jeff and how they became so popular during the 1980s. He also explains how quickly his popularity and money went to his head and he thought he was far more important than he was. He also explains how he quickly had his ego deflated when he could not even gain access to a top-tier club.

Despite his multiple years of record-breaking achievements, there is one thing Will has never been able to achieve...the perfect work-life balance. Having been taught his whole life that the only road to happiness was to be successful and rich, this thought has affected all of his relationships as he tends to put work above everything else.

Will Smith narrating this book was perfection. Hearing the emotion when he discussed his grandmother, who he called Gigi, and their close bond to how he discussed the dark side of his thoughts while helping his dying father one night. Another benefit of listening to Will is the chance to hear him rap. Will performs a few small songs here and there along with a great track at the end of the book which made the listen worth it.

Sixteen hours is a long time for a book about a celebrity and not a political figure, but it was worth the listen. Although I enjoyed the book, I do have to say that I wasn't thrilled with learning how self-centered Will Smith is. He has a lot to be proud of, but his ego is unattractive and makes me wonder how he and Jada have been married so long. I appreciate the honesty that Will showed in this book, and I don't think there was much he held back when telling his story.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, feel free to click the cover photo above.

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