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75th Anniversary of The Diary of a Young Girl

Today represents 75 years since the original publication of her diary. I often wonder what Anne would think if she discovered that people are very much interested in the writings of a 13 year old girl who hid during the Holocaust as opposed to being in a concentration camp. I am sure she would be doing all she could to ensure that today's youth and those of the future would remember the Holocaust and share her story and that of her housemates.

Anne Frank has long been a hero of mine and I have taken it on myself to read as much about her time in hiding as well as of those who helped hide her and the others until their capture and arrival in Auschwitz. While the quintessential read would be "The Diary of a Young Girl" written by Anne herself there are quite a few others that would help those getting to know Anne, the other hidden parties, and their helpers better.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl (1947) - Written by Anne Frank while in hiding in the Secret Annex. There are regular entries describing the Annex, the others in hiding, and their helpers. Anne develops as a young woman and a young writer throughout the diary. Her diary ends abruptly as she and her family were discovered by the Nazis in 1944 and Anne passed away from typhus in 1945 shortly after her sister Margot while in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Anne Frank: The Book, the Life, The Afterlife (2009) - Francine Prose - his book compares the three versions of Anne's diary: Anne's version, Otto's version, and the combined version. It is one of the few books that has received the approval of the Anne Frank House Foundation in Amsterdam as well as the Anne Frank Fonds, which was founded by Otto Frank to ensure his daughter's legacy.

Anne Frank Remembered: The Story of the Woman Who Helped Hide the Frank Family (1987) - Miep Gies - There is a brief biography of Miep Gies as well as her husband, Jan. Miep also relates what happened on the tragic day Anne and her family are taken away by the Nazis after they were betrayed. She further explains how the helpers felt after the capture as well as how they managed to take care of all the Annex tenants & themselves without getting caught.

Anne Frank: The Biography (1998) - Melissa Muller - This is considered the definitive biography of Anne Frank. Thanks to unearthed letters and interview with her friends, Mueller helps the reader better understand Anne's life as well as the circumstances surrounding her going into hiding. This book was republished after a decade as new information became available such as letters Otto Frank wrote to family seeking helping in saving his family. I found this book to answer so many questions including possible suspects in turning the family over to the Nazis.

The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank (1988) - Willy Lindwer - This details the last seven months of Anne Frank's life through speaking with other Auschwitz prisoners and piecing together what could have happened. While it is definitive that Anne died of typhus shortly before the discovery of the camp, there are those who have provided alternate stories based on unsubstantiated rumors of Anne and Margot's deaths.

Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret Annex: A Collection of Her Short Stories, Fables, and Lesser-Known Writings (1960) - Anne Frank - Anne had dreams of being a writer and that came through not only in her journal entries but also in her short stories and poems. Had Anne survived and been allowed to hone her writing skills, she could have been an amazing author.

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