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Bookish Links

My Favorite Sites and Amazing Sites to Find Books


Goodreads - A site for book reviews, contests, and getting to know authors.

The Storygraph - A fantastic site for book reviews that includes graphics that help you better understanding your reading habits.

Netgalley - A wonderful site to have the chance to receive Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of soon-to-be-released books. 

Edelweiss+ - Another amazing site to receive ARCs.

Book of the Month - A subscription box for those looking forward to new reads.

Currently Reading Podcast - A podcast devoted entirely to books and reading. 

Thriftbooks - A site to buy gently used books.

Reese's Book Club - Each month Reese Witherspoon chooses one book, usually from a new author, as her book to share with others.

Oprah's Book Club - 25 years ago, Oprah decided to start a book club to help others discover great books.

Jenna's Book Club - Jenna Hager, as a host of the Today Show, has a new book club that has chosen some fantastic books.

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